Work, Don't Overwork

Time is money, so don't lose a second

Kaal is your friendly, neighborhood, full-featured MacOS desktop timer for Freshbooks accounting software. Keep track of multiple timers, on different projects. Don’t lose a second of your hard work.

What is Freshbooks?
FreshBooks is a finance & accounting software on Mac Desktops and Apps that many consider (including us)  to be the best cloud solutions for small business owners.

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how it works

Download the app in the Mac App Store, sync with your Freshbooks account, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

Kaal handles all your work
Run multiple timers, for multiple projects, for multiple clients, between multiple Freshbook accounts.
Effortless Time Tracking
With easy access on your Mac desktop (powered up by hotkeys and more), your productivity won’t be lost.
Next level Features
Advanced features, like time entry history, idle time detection and anti-procrastination reminders, keep your work flow flowin’.
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Kaal has your back!

Because messing with your time is like messing with your emotions.

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